Bomb threats made to multiple state capitols force evacuations

Kentucky state capitol building located in the capital city of Frankfort Kentucky.

On Wednesday, bomb threats across the nation forced the evacuation of multiple state Capitols, with law enforcement and state officials in Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Connecticut, Montana, and Michigan confirming having received threats or reports of suspicious activity. None of the threats have been found to be credible at press time.

Kentucky Secretary of State communications director Michon Lindstrom said that a “mass email” containing the threat had been sent to lawmakers and state offices in at least 10 states, adding: “It just said ‘there is an explosive in your state Capitol,’ so it didn’t make any references to the secretary of state’s office specifically.” A copy of the email received by the Kentucky Secretary of State contained the subject line “Explosives inside of your State Capitol.” The email read: “I placed multiple explosives inside of your State Capitol. The explsoives are well hidden inside and they will go off in a few hours. I will make sure you all end up dead.” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear wrote on X: “while everyone is safe, [state police] has asked everyone to evacuate the state Capitol and is investigating a threat received by the Secretary of State’s Office.” An all-clear was later issued following a sweep by law enforcement.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s chief operating officer in the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State, wrote on X“Starting 2024 with a bomb threat at the Georgia State Capitol.”   Sterling later confirmed in a subsequent tweet that the “all clear has been given.”  Officials in Georgia, Michigan, and Connecticut all confirmed evacuations at their Capitols after threatening emails were sent to lawmakers and government officials. Connecticut State Capitol Police officer Scott Driscoll wrote in an email to Connecticut Capitol staff and lawmakers on Wednesday: “Earlier this morning, the Connecticut State Capitol Police received complaints from numerous employees about a suspicious email that was received. The email, which apparently was sent to numerous states, claimed to have placed multiple explosives in the Capitol Building.” The building was reopened after several hours of lockdown.

Michigan State Police said that lawmakers received a text message alert indicating they “must evacuate the building” at around 10:16 a.m. local time, and later wrote on X that “the Capitol was evacuated, the building searched, and the Michigan State Police currently has MSP Canine teams still sweeping the building. Out of an abundance of caution, the Capitol will remain closed for the rest of the day.”

In addition, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves wrote on X: “Today a bomb threat was made against our Mississippi Capitol building. Thankfully, the situation is clear. I’m incredibly thankful to the Capitol Police and all the Mississippi law enforcement officers who immediately responded to the incident.”

Montana’s Capitol had also been evacuated due to a bomb threat and that the threat was found to not be credible following an investigation by law enforcement. A spokesperson for the Montana Department of Administration shared: “In response to this morning’s bomb threat at the Montana State Capitol, Department of Administration General Services has been working closely with local law enforcement officials. A sweep has been completed, and the threat was found to not be credible. The building has been reopened to the public.”

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