Run the Jewels Performing RTJ4 in Full At Voter Registration Concert

Run the Jewels – the rap duo of Killer Mike and El-P – will take over the TV channel Adult Swim on Saturday, October 10th for a full-album performance of their latest album, RTJ4, which will serve to promote voter registration and the ACLU.  See the promo video: here

The performance is dubbed “Holy CalamaVote” (a play on the RTJ4 track “holy calamaf**k”). Presented commercial-free, the show will encourage fans to register for and vote in the upcoming presidential election. After the initial broadcast, the concert will be available on the Adult Swim YouTube channel, where fans will have to opportunity to donate to the ACLU.  Run the Jewels in a press statement: “We’re proud to be a part of this initiative to encourage and enable voting and can’t wait to finally perform our album RTJ4. This will be fun.”

Run the Jewels Are Performing ‘RTJ4’ in Full to Encourage People to Vote


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