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Will BlackmanWhen I got here I was hopeless, I was broken, I was really scared.

Ever since I got to the Foundry, I’ve seen God’s hands all over my situation…No matter what happens, God’s hand is on it, he’ll be doing something with it for His glory.

— Will Blackman
Young man who found hope and healing at The Foundry

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Change a Life

20 million Americans struggle with addiction.

You can help The Foundry who in turn are helping those here in the Birmingham area. By giving to The Foundry, you’re helping to show the transformational power of Jesus Christ to those struggling under the weight of addiction.

Your gift, no matter the size, will help to change a life.


There are lots of ways of fighting addiction and helping the addicted

There are any number of ways you can help. You can volunteer. You can donate a gift. You can drop off items for the Foundry Thrift Stores. You can shop in the Foundry Thrift Stores (see maps below for locations).

Use the form on this page to indicate your interests, and a Foundry team member will contact you.

Two of The Foundry’s powerful and important ministries include their Women’s and Men’s ministries. The videos below are examples of success stories with these ministries.

Russell P, Joseph Hamrick and Jessica at the WDJC Studios
(L-R) Russell P, Joseph Hamrick, and Jessica at the WDJC studios

God didn't only change me,
He transformed me

It’s a real Foundry Ministries success story.

In the recording above, Joseph Hamrick talks about how God, The Foundry and WDJC transformed his life. Listen as Joseph describes the lowest moment in his life and how he found hope in Jesus Christ with the help of The Foundry.

You can help The Foundry help all the other Josephs (and Josephines) out there with your generous donation.

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Support The Foundry’s Life-Change programs by joining The Change. The Change is a group of dedicated monthly donors who help The Foundry focus on what really matters.

A $30 monthly donation provides 15 meals.

The Foundry Thrift Stores

The Foundry Thrift Store Pelham

The Foundry Thrift Stores offer tons of clothing, furniture, home décor, toys, electronics, books, and so much more! Your donations to keep their shelves stocked and the sales floor inventory fresh daily. Drop off at either Thrift Store location, or schedule a pick up of your donations here.

The Foundry Thrift Store Cullman