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We know you want to get your home or refinanced mortgage done as quicky as possible. That’s why we built Fox Mortgage to have as many resources and mortgage options as possible at our disposal. We’ve also kept Fox small with few layers of bureaucracy so we can move quickly — quick as a fox, as we like to say.

— Jim Corey
Founder and President of Fox Mortgage

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Fox Mortgage customers love the quickness

When the time comes to get a mortgage speed is paramount. After all, you just want to move in and start living in your new house. There’s a reason Fox Mortgage can say it’s “quick as a fox.” Listen to Debbie and Kellie’s stories for proof.

Jim Corey on the air at WDJC

Jim Corey on the air at WDJC

Jim Corey with Russell P and Jessica

L-R, Jessica, Jim, and Russell P.

A no-money down mortgage?

Yes, it’s true.

There is such a thing as a no money down mortgage with Fox Mortgage.

In the recording below of a recent webinar, long-time WDJC advertising partner Jim Corey, president of Fox Mortgage, takes you through the steps and requirements of a no money down mortgage. Jim Corey uses his decades of experience navigating the market to help WDJC listeners affordably buy the homes they want – give him a call today!

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What does our team say about working with Fox Mortgage?

Terry Patilla WDJC Writer-ProducerFox is the longest running advertiser on WDJC.

Fox President Jim Corey started advertising with us in 1992, so I’ve worked with Fox for over 30 years!

— Terry Patilla
Commercial Writer and Producer