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Throughout the 10 years I have worked with homecare assistance for my elderly handicapped mother, Happier at Home-Birmingham is the only homecare agency that is flexible and, when needed, allows for a less than 4 hour minimum stay. Their experienced homecare aides were personable and eager to service the patient.

— Alton Barnes

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A better way to manage the care of aging loved ones

Given a choice, where would rather spend your Golden Years, the home you live in, know and love, putting a lot blood, sweat and tears into making it the way you want, or, senior housing facility or nursing home?

Here’s our guess: You’d be happier at home.  And we’re willing to bet so would your mom.


The whole point of Happier at Home is to provide in-home care for aging loved ones. And it doesn’t matter if Mom lives with you or in her own home, or whether you just need a couple of hours a week of someone being with Mom so you can run a few errands, or a friendly, loving someone who can spend some time with Mom to keep her company (and safe!) while you’re at work, or you need full-time 27/7 care because of physical illness, dementia or Alzheimer’s, Happier at Home can provide the appropriate caregiver.

And bonus: for a whole lot less than the cost of a facility!

The way to start is with an assessment by a Happier at Home professional, who can determine the kind and level of care your aging loved one needs, the optimal schedule and costs.

Use the form above to start the process and set up your assessment. The Happier at Home Birmingham team looks forward to helping you and your family.

Because everyone is Happier at Home.

Happier at Home's Patrick Devereux recently visited with Russell P and Jessica at the WDJC Studios

(L-R) Russell P, Patrick Devereux, and Jessica

Paul Devereux with Russell P and Jessica at the WDJC Studios

Happier at Home Birmimgham is here:

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The Happier at Home origin story:

Happier at Home founder Angela MarcelloDeborah C. Marcello founded Happier At Home and began serving the community in Rochester, NY in 2007. It was Debbie’s own family experience caring for her mother that affirmed the need to improve upon in home care. The life-changing experience came when her mother, Angela Marcello, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, brain cancer, at age 64. During Angela’s illness, Debbie and her family tried to provide the daily care for her that was necessary to keep her at home. They experienced how confusing it could be to navigate the healthcare system, and felt they needed guidance.

They came to the reality that they just couldn’t do it alone and enlisted the help of a local home care agency. Unfortunately, Angela was faced with a different caregiver each day, disrespectful behaviors, and caregivers that didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. Their options for care were not clear, leaving them without anyone to turn to with questions. This was an eye-opening experience for Debbie.

Debbie not only knew the delivery of home care could be drastically improved upon, she also felt an incredible desire to make a difference in the lives of others that are going through the same challenges her mother and her family went through. Debbie founded Happier At Home, providing not only in home care for those seniors, but also advocating for those seniors. Since that time, Debbie, along with her dedicated team of compassionate staff and caregivers, has become an advocate for our most vulnerable in the community, and has a positive impact in the lives of seniors and their family members.