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Russell and Jessica have fallen in love with Emma Jean — WDJC’s featured home at the Home Place. Take a look below.

A home from The Home Place makes good financial sense. You get a home that’s all yours… for a payment that, in most cases, is less than what you would spend on rent. You’ll find a wide range of homes at the Home Place with a price that won’t send your wallet screaming off into the woods. And all homes are furnished with top-of-the-line appliances.

The Home Place features Deer Valley Homes — the best manufactured home on the market! Deer Valley Home’s driving force has always been its unparalleled strength of construction and energy efficiency. Fully HUD compliant and boasting a wealth of customization options.

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Take it from Russell P & Jessica, you really can have your dream home for a fraction of the price that a new home built on site would be.

While you’re listening , you can view photos of a typical Home Place home below.

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Russell and Jessica fell in love with Emma Jean!

That’s the name of their feature home at The Home Place.

Emma Jean is part of the American Farm House Series. This Clayton built home is 32’x80’ and 2,160 square feet. Four bedrooms! Three baths! It features a beautiful living space with a shiplap accent wall and rustic lighting. Emma Jean is priced at only $184,900. The Home Place price will not be beat!

Manufactured homes aren’t like like the aluminum rectangle boxes you might remember from a by-gone era. These are are nearly indistinguishable from traditional “stick-built” or built-on-site homes. Because they’re made in a factory they’re actually less expensive than a comparable home built on-site. In fact, the quality is generally better because it’s easier to control for quality construction inside a factory than it is outside in the elements.

Come to one of The Home Place’s two locations and see for yourself. But be prepared to be surprised — even shocked — at how good these beautiful homes are.