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Yes, this is a manufactured home!

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A home from The Home Place makes good financial sense. You get a home that’s all yours… for a payment that, in most cases, is less than what you would spend on rent. You’ll find a wide range of homes at the Home Place with a price that won’t send your wallet screaming off into the woods. And all homes are furnished with top-of-the-line appliances.

The Home Place features Deer Valley Homes — the best manufactured home on the market! Deer Valley Home’s driving force has always been its unparalleled strength of construction and energy efficiency. Fully HUD compliant and boasting a wealth of customization options.

Check the Home Place out today! Just fill out the form on this page to schedule a tour.

Up-to-date kitchens

Every home has a fully up-to-date kitchen complete with appliances

Russ and Jessica inside a Home Place home
Spacious living areas

You find plenty of room for family and friends in your new home

Jessica and Russell inside a Home Place home

Learn about the Dream Home

Take it from Russell P & Jessica, you really can have your dream home for a fraction of the price that a new home built on site would be.

While you’re listening , you can view photos of a typical Home Place home below.

The Home Place | Warrior

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(205) 543-6556

The Home Place | Pinson

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(205) 681-6226

Take A Closer Look at a typical Home Place home

They’ll change your idea of a “mobile” home:

Manufactured homes aren’t like like the aluminum rectangle boxes you might remember from a by-gone era. These are are nearly indistinguishable from traditional “stick-built” or built-on-site homes. Because they’re made in a factory they’re actually less expensive than a comparable home built on-site. In fact, the quality is generally better because it’s easier to control for quality construction inside a factory than it is outside in the elements.

Come to one of The Home Place’s two locations and see for yourself. But be prepared to be surprised — even shocked — at how good these beautiful homes are.