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Jessica loves growing with WDJC. “I think God’s given me this platform in radio to share the incredible things He’s done in my life to hopefully impact others for Christ.”


About Jessica Borklund


Host of Joyful Noise
Mon-Sat 5a-10a

I never thought my path would lead into a career in radio. A stay-at-home mom for over 10 years, my days were filled with homework, housework and adventures with my two children, Landen and McKaylee.

In 2020, my long-time friend, Russell P, asked me to partner with him for an afternoon show here on WDJC called A Closer Look. After two award-winning years together, Russell P and I made the move to mornings on June 13th, 2022 where we’ve been making a Joyful Noise ever since.

How Faith comes alive for me

Having spent four years as on-air personality in political talk radio on one of our sister stations, I love growing with WDJC and sharing my faith with our audience.

I think God allowed my family and me to walk through some really difficult things in life to showcase His glory, His strength and His sustaining grace and now He’s given me this platform in radio to share the incredible things He’s done in my life to hopefully impact others for Christ.

I thank God every day for this chance to bring faith alive.


How I came to be a Chistian

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Jessica Borklund

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